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This is the DWRP Masterlist, a central directory for DWRP Games. The list doesn't have much detail because it's a very simple list so that it can be easily updated. If you'd like a more detailed list at-a-glance, you can go to the DW GAME DIRECTORY spreadsheet.

NOTE: Please note that this listing is just a basic listing for public/open games only. No invite-only/closed museboxes or games, no dressing rooms, and no meme comms.

The mod will poll [community profile] rpanons once a month on the last Saturday of every month to see what games need to be added and removed.

If you'd like to follow the list's plurk to be aware of the once monthly polling updates, you can follow that here: [plurk.com profile] dwrpmasterlist. Please only use the plurk to follow for poll updates. PPs and pings will be ignored.

You can use this page to add or remove games in between polls. Please fill out this form:



If changing genre or an existing listing, or contacting for some other issue, just comment below.
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GAME COMM: [community profile] life_on_mars
TYPE: Comm-based and Journal-based. Most of the actual playing takes place on AIM.
JAMJAR GENRE: Slice of Life